Today is a blessing of a day

Today I was given the opportunity to baptize 2 kids in my youth group, 2 people in my friends family, and a very dear friend of mine. It’s interesting to see the weird people God chooses to use. Like what? You want me to? I’m just a screw up who’s trying to act like I got things figured out. Thank You Lord; it was an honor. Soli Deo Gloria. 

Christ stands as the solid unwavering rock

Even when life is mixed with different pains, emotions, God still holds tight and firm. Our feelings are deceptive and our minds are fickle; yet the Lord does not waver. So no matter what seasons you’re in, whether it of suffering or flourishing, hold tight to the promises He’s made. Those who wait on the Lord will find new strength, those who are called to His purpose He works everything together for good, those who call on Him shall be saved. He is not distant from you, He is right there with you, Tabernacled within your being. So dear friends, take heart, do not give up, persevere and tread forward towards the mark of our high calling. His return is near, which means complete restoration is too. Don’t trust your deceptive feelings, trust wholly in the Lord and His word which will never pass away. 

Yo can I get some prayer from you?

Been pretty darn sick yesterday and today, totally exhausted and kinda just been feeling blue. Also been having some pretty severe back pain. None the less God is good and I’m content where I am. Just prayer for God to work this all according to His will and prayer for my heart to better delight in Him no matter what’s weighing heavy on my heart. Thanks y’all